Chinese give high praise! What is a whole picture of Japanese adult entertainment tour?

The Chinese wealthy are extreme about "Much-Buy" for a night play?

About "Much-buy", it was reported not long ago. But had you seen it with your own eyes?

We often see such a scene at the city in this movie. At tokyo, especially near Ginza, Yurakucho and Shinbashi, these “Much-buy” are common. They intently buy the latest electrical goods till they drop at duty-free mass market in Yurakucho and Shinbashi after the spending millions on some expensive goods such as bags, accessories and so on at High-class foreign brand shops in Ginza.

For example, some years ago when I was the college student and worked in apparel shop, I was told to sell all the goods in this shelf so many times. (They were very friendly.)

Why they buy so many goods is to want to give those to their family, friends and relatives.

Lately, we can see “Much buy” in not only their shopping but also the tour in order...

  • To search for a property to invest
  • To complete physical examination at high technology medical facilities
  • To have a dinner at a Michelin three-star restaurant
  • To watch a night horse race at Oi racetrack

Those trips to Japan with the aims of their own are common among the Chinese wealthy.

There are some trips to Japan in those to enjoy adult entertainment such as high class *Soapland and Delivery-Health.

I think there is who don’t know what Soapland and Delivery-Health are.
These services are given in only Japan. Soapland gets you to receive a massage on the mat in bathroom with lotion by a woman. Delivery-Health you can use by calling or sending e-mail is a service that you can invite a woman to your house. But be careful please, because there are some original rules in Japanese adult entertainment. First, you must use condom to avoid diseases. Never make a woman give a blow job without condom, needless to say penile insertion. Second, never force a woman to do what she hates.
There are still other rules but I will tell you later.

Anyway, the mediator says these Japanese adult trips are so popular. Now we, VIP Delivery-Health Management, talk about three topics.

  • How the Chinese wealthy enjoy Japanese adult entertainment.
  • Why the Chinese are captured by Japanese adult entertainment.
  • The problem about the Chinese using Japanese adult entertainment.

How the Chinese wealthy enjoy Japanese adult entertainment

I told that some Chinese come to Japan to enjoy Japanese adult entertainment. How do they enjoy these adult services?

There is a tendency for the Chinese to do “Much-Buy” to enjoy it.

China - Shangahi skyline

They spend hundred of thousand yen on not only high class Soap shop, but also in the case of high class Delivery-Health…

  • They do in a penthouse or a suit at the highest class hotel in the big city.
  • They play so long time, from half a day to some days.
  • They play with not one woman but three or four women.
  • They are generous to pay much.

Then their play style is “Be generous to good service”. In fact when our representative guided the Chinese wealthy, they surprised us to pay much money to women.

And I heard the plan “six days and seven nights” such as the following is popular.

The first day

  • 9 p.m. have fun at the sexual pub called “Sex-Kyaba” in Shinjuku.
  • 11 p.m. play sex with Japanese student. (maybe I think it illegal.)

The second day

  • Till evening. sightseeing at Odaiba with Japanese adult video actor.
  • 6 p.m. enjoy high class Soapland at Yoshiwara.
  • 11 p.m. drink with women at Ginza.

The third day

  • 2 p.m. in Akihabara visit “Maid coffee shop”, “JK-refresh” (Student Massage) and “Image-club” (Scenery Sex)
  • 7 p.m. go to the strip show at Shinjuku.
  • 11 p.m. Delivery-Health.

The fourth day

  • move to Osaka.
  • 8 p.m. go to Tobitashinchi.
  • 10 p.m. have fun at the sexual pub in Umeda.

The fifth day

  • 9 a.m. go to the Universal Studio Japan with a woman.
  • 9 p.m. Soapland in Ogoto.

The last day

  • leave Osaka to Tokyo.
  • 9 p.m. have fun at the “AV Kyaba” at Roppongi.
  • at your room play sex with woman.

I hear this plan cost you about one million six hundred thousand yen including travel and food expenses.

参照元:中国人「日本風俗爆買いツアー」 6泊7日で約160万円の内容

This substantial plan makes me surprised.

I understand their passion that they want to enjoy the service although they spend much money in eagerly awaited trip.

Why the Chinese are captured by Japanese adult entertainment

By the way why do they like to use Japanese high class shop?

They must look for something in Japanese sexual entertainment, except for the reason that sexual entertainment shop is controlled strictly in China.

Now we VIP Delivery-Health management listed what they want in Japanese sexual entertainment.

Wanna play with AV actor

sex video

There is no Porno in China cause these porno contents are forbidden by the low. A lot of Chinese men usually watch some illegal uploaded movies made in Japan. Such foreign porno contents are not controlled so strictly. As a result, the Japanese AV actors become stars in China.

“Using high class Delivery-Health, you can meet the famous star.”
That thought get me to understand why they come to Japan.
In Japan this is like meeting a celebrity.
(→about the Delivery-Health by which you can play sex with Japanese AV actor)

Wanna taste “Kawaii”

In who reads this news, some people could think “having much money, they can find out the Chinese beauty”, maybe. It is easy to do so for the wealthy in China, economic developed recently. A theory says that from the viewpoint of history, there was a habit called “Tyoukou”. Because some beautiful women were brought to China as Tribute, there are a lot of beautiful women in China.

However, in fact, they seem to look for not beautifulness but cuteness in Japanese. Some beautiful woman definitions in China are…

  • With white skin.
  • With the shape of face like a sunflower.
  • Tall and slender.
    One of the beautiful woman definitions in Chin is slender, like in Japan. But in case of Chinese “the tallness” is additionally needed. At sauna in Macau tall women are called “Myoujou” (Venus) and the cost to meet them is more expensive than to do short women. So it is very important for Chinese women to be tall. (Actually I thought trying to live in China because I wanted to be treated with beautifulness by my 171 cm tall. But I realized I was also “wide”, so I gave up…)
  • High intelligence
    In China only beautiful women without intelligence are called “Vase” with contempt.

I think, however, the women who meet these requirements are near cool like Makiko Esumi, Yuki Amami etc. In short there is a difference between the definition and the demand that Chinese men want to taste “Kawaii”.
It can be said that “Kawaii” born in Japan capture Chinese men’s hearts.

And to be intellectual and cultured are needed to be employed by high class Soapland and Delivery-Health. Therefore these service satisfy the Chinese who think it necessary for women to be intellectual.

They want “Omotenashi”

Fundamentally, to insert the penis is never forgiven in any Japanese adult services. This is so different from foreign adult services based on insert and ejaculation. That is why Japanese women working for adult services always make efforts to satisfy visitors with care and “Omotenashi”. (We told you fully how women working for high class Delivery-Health attend to visitors.)

The Chinese are not as accustomed as Japanese to Mat-service in Soapland. They know only indifferent sex with insert and pull out. So they are very excited about the Mat-service with a lot of lotion. When they insert their penis they are about to ejaculating and they gonna coming without delay.


Ms.K working for high class Soapland in Yoshiwara says so.
It is a common desire for men in all over the world to want to receive not the mechanical sexual service but heartful one.

The problem about the Chinese using Japanese adult entertainment

For the reasons stated above, Japanese adult entertainment can get high evaluation from the Chinese. On the other hand there seems to be a trouble in Japanese adult service like “the trouble of Chinese sightseeing”. We will show you two representative troubles in the Chinese using Japanese sexual service.

The rule in Japanese adult service is not well known.

The foreign sexual service based on “insert and pull out” misled many Chinese that women would not mind their imitating the sex in Japanese AV they had watched.

They often…

  • Bring a thick vibrator and try to insert it in a pussy.
    (To bring any items is forbidden in many Japanese shops for sanitation.)
  • Stand firm with his feet set apart and try to insert his penis in the inner part of her throat.
  • Make the kiss mark on her bust.
  • Force her to pee obstinately by paying three hundred thousand yen.
  • Nominate four women in Soapland and beat down to half the price.
  • Try to take her out in “Kyabakura” and go to hotel by putting bills into her cleavage.
    (We guess they get the rules in Japanese sexual shop and in KTV mixed up. KTV is popular as introduction of how to enjoy Chinese sexual service.)

There are such cases. It is easy for us to blame them to do such a thing as the Chinese bad manners in the world heritages.
But when we think why they do so we can realize we don’t teach them how to enjoy Japanese sexual services.

Then recently people engaged in Japanese adult services try to teach them correct rules about their works.

  • To make Chinese students in Japan explain the rules to them by call answering.
    → to employ Chinese students positively.
  • To make a portal site about Japanese sexual services for them.
  • To make official site, adapted to mulch languages, introduce the rules about enjoying Japanese sexual entertainment correctly, especially high class Delivery-Health

Recently these measures are rapidly activated.
As the result there are signs that the situation get better little by little.

Give a venereal disease

The people contracted HIV, gonorrhea, and syphilis are increased in recent year, especially in Japanese twenties. Among them syphilis patients are especially being increased again from 2012 to 2014 although they declined temporarily.

A biggest factor about this infection spread is a sexual contact between the women and the infected Chinese, or between the infected women and other visitors.

This is a big problem although there is little risk to catch venereal diseases in high class Delivery-Health and Soapland because they think strongly they never give the visitors venereal diseases by any chance and they regularly carry out the venereal disease inspection.
We talked about the infection by Japanese sexual services in this.

Not Chinese but also Japanese are responsible

Until now I talked, if anything, about the troubles Chinese have. It is obvious in 2016 that not Chinese, “the invited”, but also Japanese, “the inviter”, are responsible.

It is unrelated for most of Chinese who visit high class Soapland and Delivery-Health, but so many rip-off occur frequently to the Chinese who visit cheap shops recently.

I hear a person like a tout leads them to the cheap shop with talking to them by well Chinese language and sweet words, but in fact who works in that shop are Chinese and Taiwanese.
I think such a vicious case is rare, but I, as be engaged in this Japanese sexual service either, think it so pity that there are not a little “Inviter” who think the Chinese are easy marks.

Summary, Chinese give high praise to Japanese sexual services.

In this column,

  • The Chinese tourists activate Japanese sexual services by “Much-buy” for a night play.
  • The Chinese tourists want good services both in quality and quantity whatever it may cost.
  • The Chinese request “AV actor”, “Kawaii” and “Omotenashi” for Japanese sexual services.
  • Some people engaged in Japanese sexual entertainment are struggling to make it get better that the Chinese don’t know the rules in Japan well and their unenlightened bring about the infection spread.

I talked about the above.

As VIP Delivery-Health Management, I am glad that high class Delivery-Health gets to attract attention from whole world as well as Japan.
Would you have a fun night with such a high class Delivery-Health woman?
We always help you to select a suitable shop in VIP high class Delivery-Health Guide.